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The most advanced fencing glove in the world.

Every kanade product is currently order-made and may take up to 60 days before the product is sent to the final destination. An additional 5 business days may be required shipping.

Pure Japanese 3D technology.

Out of the many peripherals and equipment that fencing involves, the blade is what carves your path to victory. It is even said that there are as many tastes in blades as there are fencers.

But what about the glove – the interface that creates a connection between fencer and weapon?

Sadly, while other gear has evolved to match the fencer, this most crucial interface hasn't changed in decades.

Kanade is the next evolution.

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We have selected only the highest quality materials for the Kanade Fencing Glove. In addition to Gripvec™, Dyneema®, and FITCELL®, the cutting, sewing, and finishing is all done in a specialty workshop in Japan.

From design, to selection of materials, and construction, no holds were barred to bring you something no one else has – the best glove in the world. 


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