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Characteristics of the Classic model


Our flagship glove model “Classic” is covered in an overall smooth construction which, in combination with a rubber portion on the wrist, serves to completely unify the glove with your hand.

This smooth construction insures high performance by lowering the chances of anything being caught.


*Compared to the Series1/Series2 gloves, Classic has a tighter fit.

**Though it is primarily purposed for use in epee, usage in foil is also possible.



A completely redesigned 3D fencing glove.

Absolute blade control. Next level grip and comfort.

An evolution in glove technology is coming to you.


We have selected only the highest quality materials for the Kanade Fencing Glove. In addition to Gripvec™ and FITCELL®, the cutting, sewing, and finishing is all done in a specialty workshop in Japan.

From design, to selection of materials, and construction, no holds were barred to bring you something no one else has – the best glove in the world.


Sizing chart (PDF) >>

About embroidering option>>


<Option for logo embroidering> is NOT available for classic model.

<Option for name embroidering> is available for classic model.



About the 3D construction

Not only concentrating on the cutting process, a number of factors were taken into calculation when designing the glove - everything from the layout of the components to the various stresses and flexes that the glove goes through while in use.

From eliminating the uncomfortable tenseness of traditional gloves, to engineering the way the material folds when the hand is moved, every component has a specific purpose: to let you control your weapon the exact way you want to. 


Advanced Grip functionality

With a greatly increased level of grip in comparison to traditional gloves, the Kanade Glove allows the athlete to hold and control his weapon with less strength than normally required.

This results in better fine motor control, as well as improved endurance.

In addition, to ensure that the glove becomes an extension of your skin, we have incorporated GripVec™ into the thumb portion – something never seen before.

For the next evolution in fine blade control.


Spiral Forefinger™

A spiral construction on the thumb and forefinger specifically purposed to eliminate uncomfortable and inhibitory fabrics.

A feature specific to Kanade.


An emphasis on safety

Dyneema fabric, manufactured by TOYOBO of Japan, is a tried and tested fabric that has proved its safety in many fields. We have infused Dyneema into the finger construction which provides a high level of safety.



Exhibiting powerful gripping power by placing GripVec™ material on both sides of the thumb – inside and out.



A special form of impact dampening material placed on the back of the hand.

Thin, light, and exceptional at protecting.

3D fencing glove Classic

  • *Dyneema® used only in Series2/Classic models.

    *Dyneema® is an extremely durable material. However, please do not attempt any unreasonable durability tests or use outside of its intended purposes. Our company is not liable for any injuries or damages sustained from usage of this glove.

    *Kanade includes products that use Dyneema, a protective material. However, it is not yet FIE-approved, and cannot be used at sabre competitions observing FIE regulations.

    *Every glove is manufactured with an absolute attention to detail. However, manufacturing conditions may create minor defects. In those cases, a free replacement is offered.

    *A free size exchange is accepted once. However, you are required to send the glove back before we send a replacement, and pay for return shipment. We cannot replace gloves that have undergone use.

    *Depending on the destination country, customs tax may apply. In those cases, the customer is liable for any fees.

    *Every Kanade product is currently order-made and may take up to 45 days before the product is sent to the final destination. An additional 5 business days may be required shipping. *Depending on the order-making situation, delays may be inevitable. Order cancellations as a result of delays are not accepted.

    *Please order with time to spare – the process is extremely complex and cannot be rushed.

    *Classic model has no color option both backhand and palm.

    *Please note that the product’s actual color may vary from the rendered model depending on the display it is viewed on.

  • Need embroidering?


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