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fencing glove 3D Japan hand made kanade foil epee sabre escrime scherma 

Please see conditions below before order.

You need to send email and receive an embroidering code before ordering.


1) Please prepare the logo to be embroidered. Accepted formats include: .jpg / .png / .gif / .pdf / .ai /.eps. (The logo may not be accepted if the resolution is too low)


Download template (Illustrator/.eps)

Download template (PDF/.pdf)

Download template (Microsoft word/.docx)


2) Please add your logo to the template and send to (hello@exdream-sports.com) as an attachment.


3) We will send a reply with a mock rendering as well as the Embroidering Code. If the rendering is satisfactory, place both the <glove> and <Option for logo embroidering> in the shopping cart and enter the Embroidery Code, after which you will proceed to payment.


  • Please note that the embroidering will be applied to all gloves in the shopping cart.
  • If the <Option for logo embroidering> is already selected, it is not possible to select the <Option for name embroidering> simultaneously.
  • If both <Option for logo embroidering> and <Option for name embroidering> are in the cart at the same time, the <Option for name embroidering> will be ignored.
  • If you would like to input an embroidery style used in the past, the same code as the past will be recognized.
  • This option is only available to those who have purchased a glove.
  • The <Option for logo embroidering> is a one-time payment regardless of the number of times it is used. -> Ex) If you want to purchase two gloves with the same logo, the <Option for logo embroidering> only has to be purchased once to be used on both gloves.
  • It is not possible to have multiple designs in one order.
  • This product cannot be bought independently. (Even if it is purchased accidently, the purchase fees cannot be refunded.)
  • The maximum size of the embroidering is (80mm * 70mm) (Height * Width).
  • It may not be possible to replicate sophisticated designs, such as those that include color graduation.
  • It may not be possible to include letters that are under 5mm in height. 

Option for LOGO embroidering