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Fencing Glove


Journey to great feeling and fitting.

We are a group of craftsmen that have created the best gloves for many in many fields.

The development of Kanade Fencing Glove began 10 years ago as a simple thought:

“How do we create a glove that satisfies both the fencer and creator?”

To start, we examined the gloves already on the market, and discovered that the underlying problem are twofold. First, the glove does not fit well with the hand – this leads to a lack of communication between an athlete’s two most important instruments: the fingers and the weapon. Second, the bulky legacy protective fabric further worsens the fit and feeling of the glove. 

To attack to these problems, we decided to undertake in two large challenges.

The first challenge was 3D cutting of materials. By successfully merging high end technologies used in various fields, we have created a 3D cutting process that is perfectly suited for fencing gloves.

The second challenge was Spiral Forefinger™ construction. In order to eliminate the bulky fabric on the contact points on the thumb and index finger, this special construction was introduced to create a seamless shape.


We were finally presented with a glove that satisfied us.


 None of these processes can be mechanized or automated. This kind of glove production is only possible through the hands of master craftsmen.

Though this limits the number of gloves produced at any given time, it is the only way that athletes are presented with this surreal experience.

Katsuhiro HOSOKAWA

Founder & CEO - Scherma Glove factory

Chief craftsman - "kanade" glove project

Field testing has yielded only two responses:

“Wow”  “Great!!”

These are our guiding voices – they are what compel us to keep improving fencing gloves. 

Taking the Kanade Glove into your hands, your eyes will immediately notice the gently contoured silhouette throughout the fingers, as opposed to the flat build of traditional fencing gloves.

Wearing this glove will revolutionize your world of fencing.

 That's because you don’t fit this glove… it fits you.

[3D Shape Technology™]

Three-dimensional construction to ensure a perfect fit to your hand.

Tailored specifically to hold fencing weapons, the glove fits you… no the other way around.

[Spiral Forefinger™]

A spiral construction on the thumb and forefinger specifically purposed to eliminate uncomfortable and inhibitory fabrics.

A feature specific to Kanade.


A new material designed to not wear down.

With protection against repeated friction and washing, the functionality of the glove is kept through time.

In addition, there is an aspect of elasticity to give you a well-worn feel – even if it’s your first time.

*Dyneema® used only in Series2/Classic models.

*Dyneema® is an extremely durable material. However, please do not attempt any unreasonable durability tests or use outside of its intended purposes. Our company is not liable for any injuries or damages sustained from usage of this glove.

*Kanade includes products that use Dyneema, a protective material. However, it is not yet FIE-approved, and cannot be used at sabre competitions observing FIE regulations.

*Every glove is manufactured with an absolute attention to detail. However, manufacturing conditions may create minor defects. In those cases, a free replacement is offered.

*A free size exchange is accepted once. However, you are required to send the glove back before we send a replacement, and pay for return shipment. We cannot replace gloves that have undergone use.

*Depending on the destination country, customs tax may apply. In those cases, the customer is liable for any fees.

*Every Kanade product is currently order-made and may take up to 30 days before the product is sent to the final destination. An additional 5 business days may be required shipping. *Depending on the order-making situation, delays may be inevitable. Order cancellations as a result of delays are not accepted.

*Please order with time to spare – the process is extremely complex and cannot be rushed.


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